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The Great Amalgam Carve Off 2017

The Trophy

Every Halloween, Amalgam runs a pumpkin carving competition dubbed the Amalgam Carve Off.  We invite all – comers from our extensive range of clients, suppliers and in-house talent to compete for our unique and sought-after trophy – and the kudos of winning of course!














Last year the trophy was won by Steve Tucker of Cubik Innovations.  With this magnificent effort.











Once again we would like to invite friends, suppliers and customers to join us, here’s how it goes:

Entrants have just one hour to carve their designs, although we do allow extra time beforehand for hollowing out the pumpkins.  They can use whatever tools they like and may use additional props, though the main part of the design must be the pumpkin and it must be illuminated by a candle/tea light. (Hint – photograph it in a dark place for best effect.)



Photograph each entry individually, and post it on Twitter and or Instagram with the hashtag #AmalgamCarveOff.

Please do join us on both Twitter and Instagram to judge the best designs, once each picture is tagged up there, the one which gets the most favourites and re-tweets will win! Search for #AmalgamCarveOff to see all the entries.

If you would like to  to win our trophy, you can enter the competition by posting your carved pumpkin photos on Twitter by 2.30pm on Tuesday 31st October. Add #AmalgamCarveOff to be sure we see it in time for choosing the winner.


The winner will be chosen, based on the most combined favourites, re-tweets, likes and comments received, at 12 noon on Wednesday November 1st. and whoever the winner is , we will find a way to present the trophy!


Finding unique designs is always the fun part of the challenge. We look forward to what our customers, suppliers, prop makers , architectural model makers and prototypers will create this time. Thanks for your support!