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Amalgam Powerbarge
Amalgam Asry Centrax Powerbarge

Trade show model of the TPB 125 Powerbarge. Bahraini shipbuilding giant ASRYMAR and the UK’s gas turbine generator specialists Centrax plan to produce a range of floating power generators, as new joint venture company Asry-Centrax. We were commissioned to produce this 1-meter long model for the press launch in London; the model will travel to ASRY headquarters in Bahrain.

To withstand the rigours of transportation, the finer sections of the Powerbarge were constructed from soldered brass sections. These frames were incredibly strong given their size and thickness, and provided both support and protection for the rest of the model.

Amalgam have constructed several trade show models for various sectors, from high design luxury superyacht models to engineering models for new technologies and products. When used appropriately, these models can convey ideas and processes in ways far more engaging to a target audience than printed media.

Thankyou for the superb model. It was greatly admired by everyone and I am sure it will be a show stopper for us in Abu Dhabi when we launch the Power Barge in the Middle East.

Peter Thornton, Sales & Marketing Director