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Amalgam BBSRC Gardener’s World
Amalgam BBSRC Gardener’s World

Client: BBSRC

Amalgam Display produced this exhibition stand for BBSRC for the BBC Gardeners World Exhibition at the NEC. BBSRC  provided a ‘plant surgery’ where visitors to the exhibition could tap into the wealth of knowledge possessed by the BBSRC scientists to diagnose diseases and suggest treatment for the leafy patients.

The exhibition stand, designed in house by Amalgam Design, was  divided into two distinct and contrasting sections, a science lab and a potting shed. There were some eye-catching elements such as giant plants, old boots and a microscope which were designed to engage visitors from afar and draw them in to the stand.

The really clever bit was that all the walls of the stand were constructed from entirely recycled and compostable material, making sure that the environmental footprint of this stand was at an absolute minimum.