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Amalgam has been established for over 35 years and offers a wide range of services. Originally an architectural model maker, we now offer everything from scale models to product model making for designers, prototyping for product developers. We also make props for the movie, TV, video and games industries, and also hands-on interactives, educational demonstrators and even full visitor centre design and build services.

Wherever possible, and as much as possible, we produce everything in the UK and using components that are UK sourced. We have been recognised for that by being accepted onto the Made in Britain community of manufacturers.


Why we wanted to join the community

We’ve always been very keen to promote UK industry over outsourcing to the Far East or other “low-cost” alternatives. Particularly with regard to prototyping and product design, it has long been apparent to us that it is often a false economy to manufacture in far-away places, as language and time differences, travel time and the possibility of having IP infringed, are all hidden costs that UK manufacture does not have. Having

Made in Britain accreditation means we can help shout this message even louder and make it clear to our (mainly UK-based) clients that we support and promote our home nation as much as possible.

See Amalgam’s entry on the Made in Britains Register here where you can also find a copy of their certificate here (PDF).

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