Company statement – Update 20/5/2020



Amalgam’s principal aim is to lower the risk of infection for staff, their families and our clients, while ensuring the company’s readiness to return to normal working as soon as is practical.

To this end, for the last two months an absolute minimum staff have been on-site, with administration being done remotely and many staff working from home or furloughed.

As the restrictions are modified or lifted, we will react accordingly to allow a safe and controlled return to normal operations.  As things stand however, this does mean us running at reduced staffing levels until August at the earliest. 

Our policy

  • We will continually risk assess our workshops and offices based on the latest government advice and implement all possible precautions relating to social distancing and hygiene. This will be done with due consideration for all other Health and Safety regulations. 
  • Posters and notices will be posted prominently at appropriate points around the workshops and offices, especially near entrances, hand sanitiser points and similar. 
  • Appropriate PPE will be supplied as necessary, Amalgam will require everyone on-site to use it in line with our risk assessments and government guidelines. 
  • Provision will be made for safe walkways and routes to be marked out around the building designed to maintain social distancing, Screens, automatic door holdbacks and other appropriate measures will be put in place.
  • Regardless of the above precautions, wherever possible our un-furloughed staff will continue to work from home. E-mails and enquiries sent to our info or accounts or admin addresses will be responded to, though it may take a little longer than usual. You may also still contact us via the website forms. 
  • We aim to offer advice, quotations, project planning and CAD services as normal, however, any work that necessitates the use of on-site equipment or facilities may be restricted by social distancing regulations. While we aim to operate as normally as possible, the over-riding priority will be the safety of staff.
  • We aim to avoid attending or holding any meetings face to face. If you need to discuss anything, please contact us by e-mail and we will, if appropriate, set up an online meeting. 
  • We will be monitoring the situation and updating both our staff and our clients as often as is appropriate. Please do use or social media feeds or website to keep in touch.

Updated 20/05/20