• May 27, 2016

Beyond dynamic lighting, there are other methods for making a masterplan model interactive. Our recent interactive masterplan for Ecotricity was developed as a simple, chunky, massing model, to assist with decisions being made in the formative stages of the design. Ecotricity founder and Forest Green Rovers Chairman, Dale Vince, wanted us to create an interactive masterplan model for their new Ecopark scheme. The site included the Forest Green Rovers new home stadium and sports campus, an environmentally conscious ‘Green Technology Hub for likeminded businesses from the green economy, and natural wetland reserve set around a redirected canal. Forest Green Rovers have also recently shortlisted nine stadium designs from almost 50 entries by architects based around the world in a competition to create the club’s new home. Adapt the masterplan with an interactive model The customer knew they needed a physical model, but were facing multiple challenges. The designers began with…

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Large scale insect models for IVCC to mark World Malaria Day

  • May 11, 2016
Large Scale Insect Models For IVCC To Mark World Malaria Day

For World Malaria Day, our team was commissioned to make large scale insect models to feature in an exhibition display, for vector-control specialists, IVCC. Mosquitos kill 433,000 people a year, mainly children under 5 and pregnant women. Bed nets treated with insecticides have contributed enormously to bringing down the number of deaths, yet vector-borne diseases are renowned for developing resistance. To resolve this challenge, international teams are working to develop new insecticides. World Malaria Day was an opportunity to raise awareness, so Jed Stone from IVCC marked the occasion by heading to London with two large scale mosquito models to share their message with MPs and visitors to Parliament. Insect models fascinate visitors IVCC set out their stall to engage visitors at Portcullis House, where the two insect models were placed on the table among leaflets and on-screen information. The emphasis was on making sure MPs understand how the international development funding…

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Special offer ‘Recycling Roadshow Kit’ for Small Business Saturday

  • December 3, 2015
Special Offer ‘Recycling Roadshow Kit’ For Small Business Saturday

Amalgam's Recycling Displays is pledging to help more local authorities and schools spread the message about recycling and re-use - by offering a discounted Recycling Roadshow Kit. We've launched this kit to support the education programmes Councils are running, to help them meet the 2020 recycling targets.  Grant Wilson from Moray Council was particularly helpful, telling us more about how they are using their information display point. The Recycling Roadshow Kit includes three displays, which recycling teams can take on the road, to spread the word about recycling and re-using materials. After talking to our clients, we've re-engineered the components, so the displays can easily be used in a shopping centre, railway or bus stations, or at school events and county shows. More details here Why use the Recycling Roadshow Kit? It is aimed at supporting local education efforts to reach young children right up to adults, through an interactive…

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Cast hands props

  • January 23, 2014
Cast Hands Props

We've been making some cast hands, but can't let you know what for just yet. They're props. That's as much as we can say. Over the years we have cast a range of strange objects for various purposes, including Creme Eggs, lungs and bits of sheep. Our casting facilities are well equipped to handle intricate tolerance-specific components as much as they are body parts, and we can offer a range of materials depending on the purpose of the cast; from soft rubber stunt-safe props, to high-impact durable resins. Head to Our Work to find out more.        

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EDF Energy Touring Exhibition at Party Political Conferences

  • September 17, 2013
EDF Energy Touring Exhibition At Party Political Conferences

The modular, highly transportable EDF Energy Touring Exhibition, featuring a number of engaging interactives and streamlined versions of our larger displays, will be present at three upcoming Party Political Conferences. The exhibition has been present at trade shows, conventions, conferences and events since earlier this year.   The EDF Energy Touring Exhibition is a portable recreation of the displays and interactives we have made for the various EDF Energy visitor's centres around the country. While the Touring Exhibition has been sent along the length and breadth of the country, our seven permanent exhibitions have been experienced by thousands of members of the public. Nearly every member of staff contributed to these impressive pieces which involved our skills as metalworkers, electricians and engineers, involving CNC machining and traditional hand skills, as well as a keen understanding of human interaction and exhibition design.   The EDF Energy visitor's centres and touring exhibition have been regular fixtures…

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Amalgam Certified for Environment Support

  • August 20, 2013
Amalgam Certified For Environment Support

Amalgam Models has been donating waste materials to Children's Scrapstore for re-use as a creative resource. The materials are distributed to a range of educational and support establishments for children to use in their play and personal development. The network supports over 150,000 children, and Amalgam are proud to contribute to the system.   Recycling materials in this way ensures that the amount of waste sent to landfills is minimised. We have a range of environmentally conscious systems in place, and ensure that our offcuts and project waste is recycled back into other projects or donated to causes that would benefit from it.   Other environmental and charitable causes we have contributed to include Movember, Race for Life (which Amalgam's Lucy Fox and Helen Peel took part in) and providing prototypes for Bruce Munro's Beacon on the Hill for Cancerkin. We also continue to run our staff Tuck Shop, the profits…

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Perfume bottle display for Thierry Mugler at Selfridges

  • January 28, 2013
Perfume Bottle Display For Thierry Mugler At Selfridges

  Amalgam Display have just created some large white perfume bottle shapes for the latest Thierry Mugler Display in Selfridges, Oxford St. The eye-catching display entitled 'No Noise' is comprised of three large, light-weight bottle shapes which are suspended from a square archway, as well as some smaller illuminated bottle shapes  set into the front  counter. This was a project  for Thierry Mugler and the Clarins Fragrance group, in conjunction with Design 4 Retail. Amalgam have a history of creating high profile displays in the famous Oxford Street store for this and other clients, and having worked with these specific shapes many times  we were already on home territory.

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  • December 20, 2012

The Include Design campaign aims to raise awareness on the issue and make changes to the Ebacc, which has been described as 'unworkable ' by Glenys Stacey, head of Ofqual, the body which regulations qualifications across the UK. The newly proposed Ebacc qualification (intended to curtail grade inflation and replace GCSEs) will exclude Design and the Arts from the nation’s educational agenda. This is disturbing, and several bodies have been set up to counter the decision or at least add a 'Sixth Pillar' of creative subjects to the curriculum. If the Ebacc remains unchanged then entire generations of design industry and creative professionals will be lost to less practical subjects. Also missing from the Ebacc, which claims to be 'well-rounded', are IT (a cornerstone of our economy) and Religious Education (which is vital in a multicultural country like the UK). Ultimately removing creative subjects from a generation is to hamper the economic abilities of…

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New CAD and Graphic suite at Amalgam

  • November 22, 2012
New CAD And Graphic Suite At Amalgam

Our newly  refurbished upstairs space has proved the perfect location for our Computer aided design(CAD) and graphics suite. The light and peaceful area is isolated from the noise and action of the downstairs work shop and has been welcomed by our many skilled Solidworks practitioners and designers. The space has also provided a  new home for our 20" Printer Versa STUDIO BN-20. This dynamic machine prints full colour, plus metallic and contour cuts on a full spectrum of media to an excellent quality, allowing us to keep up with the growing demand.  

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