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Superyacht DESIGN Week – to 3D-print or not to print superyacht models?

  • June 18, 2015
Superyacht DESIGN Week – To 3D-print Or Not To Print Superyacht Models?

How has 3D printing transformed model making for superyacht design? Our view from the Amalgam deck. The last case study published from our maritime models team was to show off this 1/12th scale hand finished model of the classic TERN yacht. The scale was relatively large for this, because it's a replica of a much smaller yacht. Typically we make superyacht models at 1:50 or 1:75, however it does depend on what the client wants - and how they are going to present, use and transport the model. Next week the team's director, Chris Conlon, will be heading to see what's on at Superyacht DESIGN Week in London. This year’s event is exploring how the yacht industry can adopt techniques to create more sustainable products, and invest in more creative design. So, it’s a good time to explore how 3D printing has changed our approach making to naval and marine…

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Super models in Superyacht Design Magazine

  • January 5, 2015
Super Models In Superyacht Design Magazine

OK, so when we say "Super models" we don't actually mean what some people might think - but whereas you might generally find the other sort of Super model on-board a Superyacht, currently you can find some examples of our sort of Super model inside the current edition of Superyacht Design magazine.  The winter issue of Superyacht Design features an article all about Amalgam and our involvement in producing models for the maritime industry - with an obvious focus on the high-end luxury super yacht and mega yacht end of the market.  This link; Superyacht article Q21 Amalgam will deliver a PDF version of the article to your desktop to save you subscribing to the full magazine. Apart from some interest shots of our workshop the article features a close-up of our model of Amnesia IV (Now renamed Nataly) for Redman Whiteley Dixon and several in-progress shots of a 58m…

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