Animatronic grasshopper on front of Industrial Technology magazine

  • May 3, 2013
Animatronic Grasshopper On Front Of Industrial Technology Magazine

The Asco Numatics Animatronic grasshopper was a project Amalgam modelmakers undertook a while back, but can now be seen on the front cover, and in the pages of, Industrial Technology magazine.   The grasshopper was modified from a previous set of sculpts which needed a fair amount of repair work and all round updating. Amalgam sculptors added a new set of mandibles and gave the whole model a fresh coat of durable paint to withstand the movement and handling the grasshopper would receive.   The Asco Numatics grasshopper itself is a display aid and incorporates various technologies from packaging, manufacturing and machine-building industries. You can read the full article by heading over to   While we provided a sculpting and finishing service for this model, others we have produced along similar lines include the Anatomical Heart Valve model for the Glasgow Science Centre, and the Aardman 'Thinking Cap' exhibition pieces.

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Bodyworks Exhibition opens at Glasgow Science Centre

  • March 28, 2013
Bodyworks Exhibition Opens At Glasgow Science Centre

Bodyworks is a brand new exhibition at Glasgow Science Centre which features, amongst other things, several displays produced at Amalgam.  This brand new interactive exhibition features nine interactive exhibit zones taking participants through all aspects of the human body from tests of the participant's physical and physiological abilities to reproduction.  Amalgam's specialists were called in to produce a range of displays centered around the bodies cardiovascular system, in particular showing how modern medical techniques can replace heart valves, arteries and even, in extreme cases, an actual human heart with a mechanical pump. Amalgam has previously shown some in-progress shots of the exhibits being made on the companies Facebook pages but good though our contribution is, the whole exhibition contains many more fascinating displays and visual elements besides.  We can only recommend that, if at all possible, you go and see for yourself. Apart from the Bodyworks display Amalgam has previously…

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EDF Energy Touring Exhibition

  • March 6, 2013
EDF Energy Touring Exhibition

Exhibition companies are fast learning how we built our reputation for quality - latest amongst them is EDF.  This EDF Energy Touring Exhibition was recently completed by the Exhibition Design and Build team at Amalgam. The EDF Energy Touring Exhibition is now making its way around the country. Amalgam model makers constructed the exhibition to be completely modular for ease of assembly and transportation. The exhibition features portable variants of the engaging interactives and energy displays we have been building over the last few months. More details of these units can be found on our main website. The EDF Energy Touring Exhibition features, amongst other things,  a set of interactives which demonstrate the conductive properties of various materials, and a puzzle involving wiring a staircase switch. A range scaled down but still robust and durable items, based on those found in our permanent exhibitions have also been included. The Exhibition Design and…

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Interactive Exhibition for Glasgow Science Centre

  • February 28, 2013
Interactive Exhibition For Glasgow Science Centre

Interactive Exhibition displays for the upcoming Body Works Exhibition at the Glasgow Science Centre form one of the latest projects for Amalgam's Display Team. We have been making a series of sculpted and electronic interactive exhibits for this prestigious exhibition which is being supplied mainly by Huttinger Exhibitions. The  displays being created at Amalgam include a cut-away heart valve model displaying a life size heart, sculpted and art worked in house, showing the position of an artificial heart valve with alternative heart valves also on show. A scale model of an artery system will show the position of a stent, and we are creating a display for a bionic hand developed by Touch Bionics. The largest and most complicated display is a life size human torso, show casing the Total Artificial Heart system made by Syncardia.  This exhibit will show the position of the heart within the torso, nestled between…

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SeaGen featured on BBC TV’s Countryfile

  • February 15, 2013
SeaGen Featured On BBC TV’s Countryfile

MCT's SeaGen tidal system, located in Strangford Lough, has featured on the BBC 1 television programme, Countryfile (Sunday, February 10th) for a second time. Comments were made on the massive potential for tidal power in the British Isles. Watch the video here: We have provided a number of models for MCT and the SeaGen project; head to Our Work to see a 1-metre demonstration model and a small-scale desktop miniature.

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Perfume bottle display for Thierry Mugler at Selfridges

  • January 28, 2013
Perfume Bottle Display For Thierry Mugler At Selfridges

  Amalgam Display have just created some large white perfume bottle shapes for the latest Thierry Mugler Display in Selfridges, Oxford St. The eye-catching display entitled 'No Noise' is comprised of three large, light-weight bottle shapes which are suspended from a square archway, as well as some smaller illuminated bottle shapes  set into the front  counter. This was a project  for Thierry Mugler and the Clarins Fragrance group, in conjunction with Design 4 Retail. Amalgam have a history of creating high profile displays in the famous Oxford Street store for this and other clients, and having worked with these specific shapes many times  we were already on home territory.

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Architecture Centre Olympic Exhibition

  • January 22, 2013
Architecture Centre Olympic Exhibition

The Architecture Centre on Bristol's waterfront is presenting an exhibition of some of the architectural models used for last year's Olympic Games, notably the London 2012 Olympic Stadium by Populous, London Aquatics Centre by Zaha Hadid Architects, London 2012 Velodrome by Hopkins Architects and The Copper Box (Handball Arena) by Make Architects. The exhibition also explores the lasting impact of the games and their architecture on the social and economic landscape, and how these structures are to be sustained. The exhibition runs from Wednesday 8th Jan to Sunday 7 April, and is a fantastic opportunity to see the models used in the process of creating modern icons. Head to to find out more.

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Olympic Torch arrives at Amalgam

  • January 17, 2013
Olympic Torch Arrives At Amalgam

Last week the  Amalgam team were very excited to receive a 2012 Olympic Torch which has been donated  by one of the Torch relay participants to be displayed at the EDF Dungeness Visitor Centre. Amalgam have been collaborating with EDF over the last year to design and build the Visitor Centres and Interactives for all of their power stations, and we are currently designing and building a display stand for the iconic aluminium 2012 Torch.

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Centre for Sustainable Energy Models

  • December 21, 2012
Centre For Sustainable Energy Models

The Centre for Sustainable Energy has come back for another set of our engaging home insulation displays. This is the 14th set we have made, a total of 42 models. The models are 1:2 scale sections of internal, external and cavity wall insulation, and effectively illustrate how to better insulate one's home and reduce energy bills. Small, chunky, portable and cheap models like this can be an invaluable asset when selling products and services of any kind; having something tactile, physical and engaging is an immediate talking point for potential clients.

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