Come and talk Product Prototyping at Venturefest 2013

  • November 11, 2013
Come And Talk Product Prototyping At Venturefest 2013

Venturefest Bristol 2013 Is, once again, organised by Science City Bristol in partnership with the Technology Strategy Board.  This years event is taking place on Thursday 14th November 2013 at the UWE Conference Centre in Bristol.  Bristol prototyping and model making specialists Amalgam will be there,  offering free advice on Product Prototyping, general product development and a range of allied subjects, all relevant to inventors, innovators and designers looking to turn their good ideas into commercial realities.   The Venturefest show is in it's third year and promises to be better than ever. Our stand at the 2012 show drew a steady stream of visitors throughout the day asking a wide range of questions about Product Prototyping,  Product development, CAD, 3D printing and much more besides.  This year we are back, with a range of samples showing some of the processes we can offer for product prototyping, case studies of previous…

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The Adventurer: Curse of the Midas Box – Trailer Online, Props by Amalgam Propmaking Services

  • October 28, 2013
The Adventurer: Curse Of The Midas Box – Trailer Online, Props By Amalgam Propmaking Services

Propmaking Bristol   A while back we made a range of props for The Adventurer: the Curse of the Midas Box, a production filmed on location in Bath and at the recently renovated Bottleyard. The facility adds to Bristol and the South West's strong heritage for creative talent, stunning locations and cutting edge facilities. While we cannot give away all the details just yet, some of our past projects can be seen by heading over to Our Work.       Our propmaking facilties are comprehensive and cutting-edge, and we are able to offer CNC machining services, vacuum casting services for batch productions runs of props in a range of materials and hardnesses, as well having access to a wealth of creative talent in the form of set designers, sculptors, artworkers and artists to bring the props to life. Our large workshop and flexible setup means we can take on…

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Ambulance Medical Training Aid at University of South Wales, Pontypridd

  • October 25, 2013
Ambulance Medical Training Aid At University Of South Wales, Pontypridd

The Ambulance Simulator is designed to be an interactive medical training aid and environment for paramedic staff and students. As such the interior includes all the typical features found inside an ambulance, and is, as far as possible, a faithful replication of a real ambulance interior with such features as non-slip flooring, the modular storage system which lines the walls and positionable chairs. It was recently installed at the University of South Wales.     Our exhibition and display team were able to quickly fabricate the medical training aid by cutting the bulk of the panel work on our CNC machine. This enabled us to block out the internal dimensions of the ambulance and populate it with the equipment, facilities and supplies that would be used in a real emergency situation.   We have a strong tradition of projects used in medical and care contexts. These have included innovative product designs such…

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Additive Manufacturing used in Bruce Munro Artworks

  • October 17, 2013
Additive Manufacturing Used In Bruce Munro Artworks

Additive Manufacturing is a media buzzword these days, newspapers and the media generally grab every opportunity to broadcast how 3D printing (The popular term for Additive Manufacturing) is revolutionising everything from fashion to domestic appliance servicing.  Here at Amalgam we have been using a range of Additive Manufacturing processes for many years to help our clients realise their designs and have been both amused and frustrated by the sheer volume of (Largely inaccurate) coverage this "New" technology has been getting of late. One area where we can report that Additive Manufacturing has been used to great effect is in the artwork of Bruce Munro, best known for immersive large-scale light-based installations in Britain, the USA and beyond. Bruce and Amalgam have worked together on several projects in the past including Mettabhavana, conceptual piece conceived by Munro in the late 1990s which we built in model form using Stereolithography for the…

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ALMA Radio Telescope display model in Houses of Parliament

  • October 14, 2013
ALMA Radio Telescope Display Model In Houses Of Parliament

The 1:12 scale radio telescope display model we built for the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) back in June has been in the Houses of Parliament to highlight the economic benefits of the UK's scientific expertise for MPs. The display model was initially built as a centrepiece showcasing the UK's contribution to various international astronomical endeavours, in this case support of the LOFAR Low Frequency Array, an international network of radio telescopes coordinated by Astron in the Netherlands. The array, which is over a thousand kilometres across, enables radio astronomers to view objects and events that occurred billions of years ago.     Amalgam has a strong tradition of providing display model services for a range of contexts, and the term 'display model' covers a large range of ground. Consequently we have provided models for point-of-sale displays, exhibitions and branding, and most recently projects for feature films and television, creating…

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Medical Product Design by Amalgam featured in Develop 3D magazine

  • October 8, 2013
Medical Product Design By Amalgam Featured In Develop 3D Magazine

This medical product design blog, originally published some time ago, was withdrawn at the request of the inventor while negotiations and licensing discussions between various parties were under way.  However, we can now republish in full as we are delighted to report that Tube Anchor is in production and receiving great feedback from the medical professionals using it.  Our thanks to Prof Andrew Levy, inventor of the device.  All at Caretechnica who managed the process of taking the prototype forward and last but not least to P3 Medical who are producing and distributing the final product. Tube Anchor is now a registered design: European Community Design Registration Number 002571026-0001 A medical product design developed at Amalgam features in the October issue of Develop 3D magazine.  The Tube Anchor is a deceptively simple device that addresses the issue of securing tubes used in various intravenous therapies in such a way as to…

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New Naval model making Projects

  • October 7, 2013
New Naval Model Making Projects

Over the past few months we have been busy on a range of new naval model making projects. Three of these were for BMT Defence Services, being the BMT Defence Services Logistic and Support Vessel (LSV), the Venator® - 110, and an interior detail model of the Vidar® - 7. These models were displayed at DSEI 2013.     Amalgam has a strong tradition for providing naval model making services for a broad range of marine industries. Models we have made have ranged from sleek, streamlined speed forms for designers and naval architects, to fine-detail scale model luxury superyachts, to military and industrial vessels for trade shows and conferences. Head to Our Work to see more.   We have also been busy on projects for feature film and television, more details of which will be announced soon. This has seen us provide our set building and prop making services; being situated in the…

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EDF Energy Touring Exhibition at Party Political Conferences

  • September 17, 2013
EDF Energy Touring Exhibition At Party Political Conferences

The modular, highly transportable EDF Energy Touring Exhibition, featuring a number of engaging interactives and streamlined versions of our larger displays, will be present at three upcoming Party Political Conferences. The exhibition has been present at trade shows, conventions, conferences and events since earlier this year.   The EDF Energy Touring Exhibition is a portable recreation of the displays and interactives we have made for the various EDF Energy visitor's centres around the country. While the Touring Exhibition has been sent along the length and breadth of the country, our seven permanent exhibitions have been experienced by thousands of members of the public. Nearly every member of staff contributed to these impressive pieces which involved our skills as metalworkers, electricians and engineers, involving CNC machining and traditional hand skills, as well as a keen understanding of human interaction and exhibition design.   The EDF Energy visitor's centres and touring exhibition have been regular fixtures…

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Amalgam’s Models at DSEI show

  • September 10, 2013
Amalgam’s Models At DSEI Show

The DSEI 2013 defence and security exhibition begins on the 10th of September, and will continue until the 13th. The exhibition features over 1500 exhibitors from more than 50 countries, to some of whom we have recently provided our marine model making services. More details on the models will be announced soon.   Amalgam Models have provided many models to the defence and security industries, largely as exhibition and marketing applications at global events such as DSEI. One such success is the BMT Mastiff, which includes cast rubber tyres and extremely high levels of detail. Other exhibition and 'event' models we have made for conferences and trade shows include the Seagen Tidal Turbine and the Asry-Centrax Powerbarge, both of which had to be built to withstand regular international touring.    

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PlanLoCaL scale model gets an update

  • September 9, 2013
PlanLoCaL Scale Model Gets An Update

Some years back, Amalgam created a four-baseboard modular scale model of a generic British urban area for the Centre for Sustainable Energy. The model has been back through our doors for touch ups and some fresh paint, but we've added a 1,044 Megawatt Solar Farm, an Anaerobic Digestion Plant, and some 1/1000 scale cows to provide the plant with, erm, fuel. Ultimately the model is designed to show a community the various renewable energy options available to them. It also allows them to consider whether a certain process is appropriate for their local economy, or what the visual impact would be on the surrounding countryside.  Amalgam have provided a range of models to the Centre for Sustainable Energy over the years, including our Wall Insulation models (of which we made 13 sets) ,and the Energy Home, which shows how a modern family home can be made more energy efficient. Head to Our Work…

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