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We’re on the move – to a new, bigger location in Bristol

  • January 22, 2019
We’re On The Move – To A New, Bigger Location In Bristol

By 21 January 2019 we will have moved to our centre of operations to a new site near the centre of Bristol in Lawrence Hill. It’s with a mixture of excitement and sadness that we’re packing up The Old Sorting Office into the relocation vans, new tenants, will be moving in shortly. #Amalgamove - How many square metres does it take to work on a full-size giraffe? Our new build space has high ceilings and 60% more floor space to enable us to expand our services in the years ahead. As many of our friends and clients will know, alongside our scale models and product work we also work on outsize sculptures and TV props which need plenty of space for building and finishing. We also want to retain separate space in the model making workshop for our more confidential design and development projects. After much searching, we found the…

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