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TV & Film Producers

Our prop makers work with art directors and producers to make authentic props and realistic signage. We have years of experience of selecting paints and applying specialist finishes to props and replica objects. We can design working armatures to achieve creative effects, and produce artistic scenic theming for any location or set. We use casting, sculpting or engineering techniques to interpret the right prop for the production. Our work is on display at The Bottle Yard Studios or call us to speak to one of the team.

Relevant Services


Amalgam makes authentic props and replica artefacts with specialist paints and decorative finishes. We have space in the workshop for building large scale props and our team can sculpt, cast or even 3D print props, artworking objects to achieve the desired effect.
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We provide our services and resources to filmmakers and advertisers, to interpret scenery, and create theming and sets. We develop these from drawings supplied to us, or design them from your initial concept and work with the team to install on location.
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We provide a wide range of hand-painted finishes and create paint effects to flawless levels of realism. Our prop makers can artwork foam to mirror the texture of stone, plastic to look like wood, and rubber to look like steel.
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