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Transport and Storage


We have a number of options for delivering your model or display and different ways to package it so that it arrives intact:


  • National Courier – smaller, durable models can be sent via a national courier. We will explain how we are packaging it and will endeavor to protect it as much as possible. However, we unfortunately cannot guarantee it being delivered in perfect condition.
  • Dedicated courier – our preferred method of delivery is with our door to door courier. Our models and displays are delivered all around the UK by car, van or lorry. We make sure that the items are packaged carefully and secured in transit and with only your items on board you can be assured that it will arrive in perfect condition. Our driver can also deliver at any time of day or night which is particularly useful if you have a very short deadline!


  • Dedicated courier – our courier delivers our models and displays across Europe with the same care and attention which UK deliveries receive.
  • Flight – carry-on hand luggage – we have designed lots of our models to fit into small cases to take onto a plane as hand luggage. We custom cut foam inserts to make sure that the models and displays are very well protected during transit and make sure it is within the weight and size allowance for that particular airline. This gives you the peace of mind that your expensive model won’t get lost or broken by overzealous baggage handlers!
  • Flight – stored in the hold – we can build very light weight. custom flight cases to protect your item in transit that fit within the weight and size limits of your chosen airline.
  • Air Freight – we can supply custom made flight cases that are incredibly strong and designed for travelling long distances. This type of case is usually very heavy and requires the use of a pallet truck or forklift truck.


We can advise you on the best way to package your model depending on where it is going, when it needs to get there, and its size and weight. We use everything from cardboard boxes and off-the-shelf flight cases to boxes designed to hold extremely fragile goods or custom made plywood boxes designed for rough handling.

When producing a quotation, your project manager will discuss your requirements, the delivery address and the most suitable option for you.


Models and exhibition pieces need to be handled and stored carefully – who better to do that than the people who made them? We can make minor repairs and ensure that all items are cleaned and packaged correctly before being sent out again. If your model is going on display for a fixed time period or at an event or exhibition, and you require storage to keep it safe in intervening periods, please talk to your project manager.

We have space available to hire for short term or long term storage.

Thank you once again for the fantastic model, which survived travel perfectly. The presentation went very well and the model was extremely well received. All in all, very successful.

Gary Overton – Aedas Architects Ltd