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Scenic and Theming

We provide a one stop shop for businesses in the south west area and rest of the UK, offering our creative services and resources to those in need of scenery, theming, paint effects and miniature set building. Our ability to interpret a creative concept into three dimensions also works for theming retail spaces. We can create any of these from drawings supplied to us, or design them from your initial concept, once we know more about your audience.

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Building Sets

Postman Pat Set

Our flexible main workshop space allows us to take on relatively large scale builds, and we use a combination of traditional fabrication techniques and cutting-edge CNC processes to quickly assemble large set installation pieces.

Thinking Cap Dispenser

We can create wooden substructures or weld together rigid metal armatures to serve as a strong skeletal substructure for larger builds, especially if they include moving mechanical parts, such as the Thinking Cap.

We have created sets and scenery for animation, film, television and theatre, and in some cases have required intricate automated mechanisms to allow attachment and articulation of other elements, such as puppets or armatures.

Twinings Advert stillframe

Stripeland, who art-directed Twining’s 2015 Drink It All In advert, commissioned us with large scale builds to create the armatures. The two mechanical constructions were designed to be controlled by animators; a rotating tree and an animated rippling puddle. They can be seen in action in Twinings’ short video showing ‘The Making-of Twinings’ 2015 Advert”

animation props and setbuilding

Another of these was the Goo Games stadium sets, where thousands of individual Creme Eggs seated in the stalls needed to wiggle and sway with the motions of an excited crowd.

In addition to the traditional hand skills involved in creating props and sets, our workshop is well equipped to offer 3D printing, lasercutting, light engineering and metalwork, vacuum casting and CNC machining services.

Great, thanks for your work on this. Really pleased and can’t wait to see it with the lights in.

Tony Steadman – Blow Creative