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Model Making

Our professional model makers build scale models for architects, developers, engineers, and naval architects. We blend technology and traditional skills to produce exactly the right model for your design, whether for a masterplan, competition model, landscaping – or yacht design – or to represent an engineering specification. We offer advice on a range of issues relating to the design of the model, especially choosing the right materials. To help a model stand out to win a competition or a bid for a new contract, we offer dynamic lighting for architectural models, on an incredibly flexible system. It can display something as simple as fading colours, to forming the core of a rich interactive experience. We utilise 3D printing and CNC machining to produce complex forms, and finish the model in as many colours or textures as needed.

The architectural model making department was established over thirty years ago. As the company has grown, we have kept our work ethic the same – to approach every project with enthusiasm.

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conceptual architectural model for Foster + Partners.

These architectural models tend towards being eye-catching, abstract, highly conceptual or purely fantastic. Our skills in specialist paint finishing, electronics, and materials all come into play when developing and making these models. We are proud to have a range of successful bid-winning competition models in our portfolio. Some of the more elaborate we have made include the architectural model for Foster + Partners’ Yongsan Development.


Timber planning model

Choosing the right material is particularly important on small scale proposal models, where space is a premium, or on abstract competition models, where design features and ideas can be communicated in unconventional ways. A combination of white acrylic and timber model creates contrast, or we can combine different shades of wood to highlight features in the design.


Antares 2

Our maritime model makers use computer-aided technologies to reproduce the lines and forms of the design, combined with traditional hand finishing skills and attention to detail to assure quality. We bring models to life with specialist paint finishing, working rigs, and scale furniture. We can also create stripped-down, conceptual Speedform models, an effective tool for the design process, or marketing of yachts and seacraft. Our CNC facilities enable us to capture the clean flowing lines of luxury and super yacht models. These are stunning display centre-pieces for boardrooms and offices.


architectural modelmakers

Using architectural model making processes, we build models for the oil and gas industry. The example of the Large Chemical Injector included 3D printing a kit of parts, which easily clicked together to form the large structure, using colour to define the features in the system.

On behalf of Wilmott Dixon and ADP we would like to thank you all for your time and effort in delivering an incredible amount of work in such a short time. Your enthusiasm and promptness in achieving an almost impossible task was exceptional… Thank you for playing a big role in pulling a very comprehensive bid together.

Joe Morgan – ADP