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Graphic Design and Packaging

We offer a complete service to deliver your project, which includes designing graphics, packaging or developing visual representations of information. We can design flat graphics for a display or create mock artwork for a presentation. We offer in-house printing on a range of materials or substrates, such as printing post-production branded stickers for our clients. We can apply graphics to bespoke plinths and etch designs into display cases to add final touches to your display.

Head over to our Portfolio for examples or contact us with your brief.

Visual Brand

Scrumpty branded character design full size sketches
Character design evolution

For marketing campaigns, we can develop your concept into artwork or convert existing flat graphics into a 3D design. We can create eye-catching renders and visualisations for presentation and marketing purposes, from simple texture mockups to more detailed and intricate environmental scenes. These visuals can be built up from loose freehand sketches or finalised 3D digital models. Where a physical icon is central to a brand or campaign, our illustrators can create a replica product or design a character and take it from concept through to short-run manufacture.

For exhibitions and visitor centres, we create information panels, wall graphics, and print content to cover display plinths. We can also design engaging marketing literature to include with your display – such as leaflets, or activity sheets, or brochures.

For prototypes and casings, we re-produce logos and design external visuals in line with branding guidelines. We can design mock artwork for early prototypes, to test brand colours or the overall look and feel.

Packaging Design

Packaging design

Our packaging designers can develop concept or prototype packaging for new or improved products. We start by drawing up minimal tolerance CAD and fabricate components using laser cutting, CNC routing or vacuum forming processes. Whether creating mounts or display plates or outer presentation boxes, we can recommend the right materials and finish to achieve the desired effect – whether made from recycled card, flexible plastics or other substrates.

Production Theming


For TV and film productions, we design typography and signage onto custom-made surfaces. Our prop makers can create signage using a wide range of materials and techniques to achieve the desired look, whether this be vinyl printing, special effects painting, laser cutting and etching or a combination of these skills.

Head to our Portfolio to see some of the signage and designs we’ve helped to develop.

Your team have done such a wonderful job, to meet our needs and also to meet the time frame given. We are very happy with product and also the level of service. Thank you to your team [and] we look forward to working with you in the future.

Ruhi Patel – Emerald House