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CNC Machining

Our on site CNC machine enables us to cut large forms and create smooth lines, with a superior level of accuracy. The flexibility of CNC machining can be used in a huge range of physical build projects. We can create two dimensional signage or flat pack kits for exhibition displays right through to complex 3D forms, like prototype furniture, boat hulls or landscapes. Our experienced technicians enable us to work from supplied 3D files, or generate CAD from hand-drawn sketches and designer’s notes.

To find out how we would build your design, contact us or call on 0117 924 9596.

Sheet Material


We can quickly cut large sheet materials and shapes, such as acrylic, polycarbonate, MDF and plywood. Exhibition display structures can be constructed from machined panels and forms, fabricated to fit back together and assembled onsite. When processing sheet material, we can produce repetitive pieces quickly and accurately – or achieve intricate detail.

Architectural Baseboards

CNC architectural model

Contoured architectural baseboards can be cut from dense foam materials and hand-finished. A 3D CNC cutting file can be extrapolated from ordnance survey plans, incorporating levelled-off areas and datum sections for building footprints cut into the landforms. Making architectural models this way can accurately illustrate how a scheme will interact with surrounding countryside, and is extremely useful if a site is undergoing extensive landscaping and redevelopment.

Marine And Aerospace Models

CNC machining superyacht hull by Amalgam Modelmaking

The precision of our CNC service allows us to capture the clean lines and symmetry of yacht hulls and aerospace forms. These shapes, once hand finished to remove tool marks and tags, can be left as elegant and clean design forms, or further augmented with the fine details that give a model scale and create realism. Particularly with super yachts and large construction projects, simple ‘Speedform’ models can be useful designer’s aides to better visualise or promote a concept.

To discuss your needs with one of our experienced project managers, you can call on 0117 9249596 or contact us.

A big well done from this end – everyone likes the look of it, and we are looking forward to showing it at Seawork, and then having it in our entrance lobby.

Steve Jermy – Mojo Maritime