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Product Designers

When testing a new concept or re-designing your product, we make prototypes to support you through the development process. For demonstration at trade shows, we can build an aesthetic model, to look great when marketing your idea – or a fully functional pre-production prototype to show how it works.  We offer precision engineering, plastics, vacuum casting, metal work, materials testing and 3D printing to support product designers, and CAD to develop the design.

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To support rapid prototyping and product design in any industry, we can produce CAD files and support you throughout the development process to prototype and test your design. We make exhibition standard models or pre-production prototypes and can offer short run manufacturing for the testing stage.
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We have a comprehensive CAD suite to create eye-catching renders and visualisations for presenting ideas and marketing. Visuals can be built from loose freehand sketches or finalised 3D digital models. Our team of CAD designers offer a complete design service, from developing initial concepts through to pre-production prototypes.
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We offer a range of 3D printing services, from advice on preparing your own 3D print CAD files, to developing the CAD from scratch and producing your 3D printed parts or whole prototype. Our team are experienced in additive manufacturing and hand finishing to achieve the desired clarity or effect.
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