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Scale models help engineers develop an idea or process, to communicate it efficiently and accurately to the rest of the world. A written or verbal description can easily be misunderstood, 2D drawings require skilled interpretation and even 3D virtual images limit the interaction between creator and viewer. A model draws attention from afar, can be explored from every angle and can be cut-away, scaled, coloured and electronically augmented to communicate exactly what is intended. Amalgam has over thirty years experience of creating models or replica environments as communication tools, so whatever message you are trying to get across, we can design a way to represent the concept in a physical form.

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We offer a range of 3D printing and additive manufacturing services, including conversion of design files. We can 3D print scale objects, parts or sub-structures, expertly hand finishing them, before assembling your model or prototype.
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To highlight features or infrastructure in a design, we include electronics to make our models and displays interactive. Lighting offers a dynamic way to animate a display or reflect a flow of movement, like natural light or electricity.
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Amalgam makes bespoke scale models and display models for engineers, aerospace, and industrial designers. When explaining a technical concept, demonstrating an idea or features within a system, a model helps to communicate it more simply.
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